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Escort web design, escort web hosting & escort web promotion services for UK
escorts, escort agencies & massage parlours getting listed in our escort directories.

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Escort-plus-web-design-promotion: plus hosting services for UK escorts, escort agencies, massage parlours and allied escort businesses.

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Escort Plus UK escort web design, escort website hosting & escort web promotion
offer you important listings in our regional and national escort directories and forum.

You likely got here by looking to get a  listing on one of our Escort Directories.

Getting listed - requires a prominent reciprocating links.
Our Motto is  - U link 2 us We list U

Listed below are UK National  & Regional Directories plus Forum-X
which we at Escort plus promote and maintain.

Below are some of our UK and Regional escort directories and forums any UK escort, escort agency or massage parlour can be listed on through this site Escort-plus-web-design-promotion.co.uk:

UK National Sites

All Managed by Escort-plus-web-design-promotion

Regional Escort Directories

Once you know the name of your local regional site from those listed above,
you should then have up to 3 of our sites you can get listed on, one regional and 2 national:

( National) Escorts Plus You link to EscortsPlus
Photo listing on Escorts Plus under your region.
Your Local Regional site You link to your Regional site
Photo listing on Regional site for your area
( National ) Forum-X You link to our National Forum
Photo listing on Forum-X under you region
So you place one small link to all 3 of our sites covering your area
We provide you with a Photo listing on all 3

Step 1 is to link to our sites you want to be listed on:

For more information and about linking requirements to us Linking requirements or

Jump straight to a selection of links that cover regions below.

Each area below is covered by 3 of our sites - so 3 links = 3 listings.
Eastern Counties - London - Midlands - South of England - North of England - Scotland - Wales

Click below for individual sites where 1 link = 1 listing
EscortsPlus only - - - - Forum-X only

Step 2 once links are in places request your free listing:

Get a free listing:-

Next fill in this form for Free listing (for promotional listing on regional and national  directory).

To then speed up the listing and if you have linked back to Forum-X
Sign in to Forum-X which is free, read forum guidelines and then Adding a new forum listing thread.
Then go ahead and create your listing under your base region on the forum
and we will later add the photo you supplied for your directory listing or if preferred
you can include a photo for your listing by sending it via pm to Kim Plus on the forum.

Remember these Forum-X listings can have reviews added to them plus you can add  links to
reviews you have on other sites on the web bringing links to all your reviews in one place.

Step 3 Once basic listing has been requested you may decide to upgrade to a feature

About upgraded promotional listings  Request Independent escort feature  Request multi escort feature

Extra notes to check to ensure your listing request will be accepted.

A front page link does ensure you get added to our front page on Escorts Plus and regional directories under our latest additions which gives you a good initial prominence to our directory surfers. Where other directories are linked to from your front page that is where we expect to be.

Reciprocating links from "Banner only Link Pages" are likely to get a text only listing unless we appear in top 5 banners and carry a descriptive text.

Many providers are likely eligible for more than one free listing on Escorts Plus national directory, one on the main regional pages, and another may be under escort agencies, or national escorts for escorts covering 3 or more of our regions.
We provide tick boxes on form to request these extra listings

Where escorts or agencies fail to be specific enough about their base area we may not be able to list them.
The most often occurrence of this is either out-call escorts just stating North or South of England often not even giving a county, and London providers who all want to be Central London even if based in North Finchley or Croydon.
We need a town or city locality for in-call and county for out-call.

We are happy to list escorting couples, but other than with a feature listing the photo must include both male and female escorts.
Sorry but no male only escorts, these are not within the remit of EscortsPlus.

Terms & conditions

Please Note

We do not accept free listing from escorts who use free listing sites such as:-
 (Adult Work, Rare escorts and escortswww etc.) or escorts using free sites where it is against terms and conditions to place escort advertising such as (Tripod, Angel Fire, etc) as their main internet presence.

The reason for this is not that we have anything against shrewd escorts, looking to host on the internet as cheaply as possible, but that providers going down this route rarely stay around or in the case of those using sites against their terms and conditions have the site pulled.

Escorts please understand you are selling a service at well over 100 p/h, it is only logical that you ought to present that service on the world wide web in a professional manner and whilst this may sometimes cost a couple of pounds it's better than spending a fortune in time looking for something for nothing.

For just 25 build and as little as 8.50 p/m when paid annually
Escort Plus can provide you with a starter web presence with directory listings.

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